Partner / Investment Advisory Committee Member

All along his career, Dani’s motivation has been to translate scientific innovation into better healthcare. He is passionate about working with entrepreneurs to develop better medicines and cures. Prior to joining NanoDimension, Dani served on the board of 15 companies in Europe and the US, ranging from drug development to medical devices and digital health. Some of these companies have developed viruses capable of curing cancer, engineered proteins to tackle rare diseases and invented devices to keep heart failures patients safe. Dani became a venture capital investor at Index Ventures (Geneva), to join later Aravis Ventures (Zurich) and Imperial Innovations - IP Group (London), before joining Nanodimension in the Lausanne office.

During his prior life as a scientist at the University of Geneva and at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Dani conducted research in immunology and virology (HIV). Dani holds a  PhD in molecular biology from the University of Barcelona and an executive MBA from EOI Business School (Madrid).