Inscripta’s MAD7 Named a Top Innovation of 2018 by The Scientist

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Inscripta’s MAD7 Named a Top Innovation of 2018 by The Scientist

Gene editing has immense potential to advance and accelerate research of all kinds. Despite this, its potential to transform the world as we know it is limited by a major problem: there’s not enough research being done today. At Inscripta, we set out to solve this problem. We released our first CRISPR enzyme MAD7 for free to all researchers without upfront licensing fees or reach-through royalties. Nearly one year since, we’ve seen overwhelming interest in MAD7 from the scientific community.

Now we’re proud to share that, by helping to remove the barriers to gene-editing research, MAD7 was named one of The Scientist’s 2018 Top 10 Innovations. The award recognizes products that are set to revolutionize research and advance scientific knowledge. Nearly all of the previous winners have made a lasting and profound effect on research; we’re honored to be in their esteemed company and encouraged by this vote of confidence.

This comes on the heels of Inscripta being recognized with the Colorado BioScience Association’s 2018 Rising Star Award and signals that our work to expand access to and speed up CRISPR gene-editing research truly is creating ripples of excitement throughout the scientific community. We have also recently demonstrated the MADzyme family is an effective tool in mammalian cells with multiple applications and was recently granted a patent that covers systems using MAD7.

We’re excited to be clearing a path for the scientific community to pursue new discoveries, but this is just the first step in Inscripta’s work to empower researchers. We’re dedicated to building a new generation of gene-editing tools to ensure that scientists have the technology they need to usher in a new era of scientific advances.

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