Emulate Launches to Commercialize Automated Human Organs-on-Chips Platform to Accelerate Drug Development, Detect Toxicities and Advance Personalized Medicine

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Emulate, Inc. today announced the company’s launch with a $12 million Series A financing to commercialize a first-in-kind, automated ‘Organs-on-Chips’ platform that mimics human physiology and diseases, while permitting real-time elucidation of molecular mechanisms of action and toxicity. Emulate’s proprietary Read More…

Selecta Accelerates Immune Tolerance Therapeutics and Announces New Product Candidate, SEL-212, for Refractory and Tophaceous Gout

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Selecta Biosciences, Inc.,a clinical stage biotechnology company developing a novel class of targeted antigen-specific immune therapies, today provided an update on the company’s product development pipeline, revealing its focus on immune tolerance applications of its proprietary Synthetic Vaccine Particle (SVP) Read More…

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